Relax & Attractions



  • Active leisure
  • Nordic walking
  • Skiing (cross-country and down-hill trails nearby)
  • Walking and bike-riding
  • Year-round bathing in the Podgórna River Waterfall
  • Hiking in the Polish and Czech Karkonosze Mountains


  • Sauna
  • Jacuzzi
  • Massages
  • Beauty treatment


The most famous attraction of Przesieka is the third largest waterfall in the Karkonosze Falls. Surrounded by a dense forest, it is surrounded by rocks 10 meters in three cascades into an oval pool, where you can meet cold-drinkers at any time of the year. At the foot of a waterfall, from a stream swept by a brook, you can admire the wonder of nature in all its splendor.



Another attraction of the Transamerica is Walloon Stone, commonly known as Chybik. With this group of rock, there are colorful legends about valleys looking for treasures in the Krkonoše Mountains, as well as the Rübezahl known for the Mountain Spirit. Allegedly this rock, which can be put into motion on its own, closes the passage to the underground treasure. From Chybotka area, you can easily walk to the Golden View. From this very steep, 20 meter rocky threshold, you can admire the unforgettable panorama of the Giant Mountains. Both Śnieżka and Szrenica, which are the highest peaks, show themselves in all their splendor. Right next to the Golden View you will find other places covered with mystery and legends, namely the Tomb of the Giant Mountains. It was here that Carl Hauptmann, the brother of the Gerhart Hauptmann, the nobleman of the Krkonose nobleman, meditated upon another Legend of the Mountain Spirit.



The most recent natural discovery of Przesieka is Dziurawa Skala - visible from the windows of Olympia. The name of this 20 meter rock group was taken from the cave passage visible at its top. Prior to World War II it was marked on every map, a popular tourist attraction. Later she spruce up and fell into oblivion. The re-opening of the hole in the rock took place in October 2008 during the first edition of the Rocky Mountain Picnic. Now illuminated at night, it presents itself incredibly. Below, Podgórna Stream is carved from the wood of the spirit of the Rough Rock.


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